Aruba is a wonderful island that has a lot to offer. On this page you’ll find some pictures and remarks about the places that we like. We took all the pictures you see here and on the rest of this website ourselves, so they do reflect reality…

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Situated in the most western part of the island, just north of the High Rise hotels, is this lovely dive and snorkel site called Malmok. Very accessible, not too deep and there is a lot to see under the surface. Ideal for you first snorkel or dive experience!

Palm Beach / Moomba

The ultimate tropical holiday experience is what you’ll find on Palm Beach. Amazing white beaches, palm trees and a great bar and restaurant right on the beach. Very relaxing and especially enjoyable around sunset.

Mangel Halto

Mangel Halto is the perfect ‘next step’ for your diving and snorkeling experience after Malmok. You can enjoy the reef from the calm and safe inside, but there is a ‘whole in the wall’ where you can swim through to broaden the experience and marvel at the outside reef. Truly magnificent.

Arikok National Park

A must-see on the island is Arikok National Park. It covers almost 20% of the island and is situated on the east side of the north coast. Be careful with your rental car, as not all the tracks there are suitable for anything but 4 wheel drives.

Baby Beach

This beautiful bay with its white beach is located in the most eastern part of the island. A great place for a day at the beach. If a whole day is too much for you, it can be nicely combined with a visit to Arikok National Park.


Oranjestad is the capital of Aruba and you cannot leave the island without a visit. Have a look at the souvenir shops, the harbour and the restaurants at Market Place. Most of the time one or more cruise ships will have docked in the harbour, a magnificent sight.